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Piano trios (21/12/2023)

Brussels Muzieque welcomes you to this joyous occasion, where we come together to recognize and applaud the remarkable contributions of female musicians to the world of classical music presented in the beautiful hall of Brussels Royal Conservatory (KCB). Through the masterful compositions of Amy Beach, Mel Bonis, and Cecile Chaminade, we revel in the creative brilliance that transcends gender and speaks to the universality of musical expression.

The history of classical music is replete with exceptional composers, and tonight's repertoire sheds light on the often underrepresented and unfairly overlooked achievements of women during the Romantic era. These three gifted composers (Amy Beach, Mel Bonis, and Cecile Chaminade) confronted unique challenges, yet their indelible marks on the musical landscape stand as testaments to their sheer talent and unwavering dedication.

As we marvel at the seamless interplay of violin, cello, and piano, deftly guided by the Belgian sisters, both recent laureates of the Queen Elisabeth Competition, Sylvia Huang (violin) and Stephanie Huang (cello), along with the Lithuanian concert pianist Monika Dars, we celebrate the rich tapestry of talent that graces the stage today. Their performances reflect not only their artistic prowess but also the progress being made toward fostering a more inclusive and egalitarian music community.

When: Thursday 21/12/2023 (19:00 - 20:30)

Where: MIM,Hofbergstraat 2, 1000 Brussels

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